Why We Need Your Help

With economic downsizing and retirements, the Pierce Farm  has seen dramatic reductions in its workforce, down from 11 full time ranch and farm laborer, along with a thousand hours per week of student labor to just three full time workers who must manage 400 acres of farm land, a 15 acre horticulture center, and a 15-acre nature center. Our Agriculture full time faculty has been reduced from 18 to 5. The farm has gone down:

  • from 450 cattle to just 12
  • from 250 sheep down to 15
  • from 250 pigs to one
  • from 6,000 chickens to 80
  • and 35 goats and two donkeys.

Pierce Agriculture needs continued public and private support to maintain its farm teaching lab and outreach to the community. Pierce farm needs the funding to maintain its aging farm equipment, the pasture fencing, shade trees and husbandry tools. Donations would help support the maintenance of Pierce pastures, irrigation equipment, purchasing of feed, hiring of a food animal veterinarian, an animal science instructor, student labor needed to feed the farm animals and clean their corrals. Our long term goal is to raise $20 million where only the interest will be used to pay for farm expenses. This includes: Employees with benefits costs for upkeep of the farm:

    1. Animal Science Professor – $100,000 per year.
    2. Horse Unit – full-time Ag Technician – $70,000 per year.
    3. Animal Unit – full-time Ag Technician – $70,000 per year.
    4. Farmer – to plant, harvest, and maintain the fields – $65,000 per year.
    5.  Nature Center and Horticulture facilities maintenance – $60,000 per year.
    6. 10 part-time student-workers to clean out pens, feed the animals, move the animals to various pastures, set up and take down irrigation pipes – $57,200 a year.
    7. Veterinarian – $125,000 per year.
    8. Equestrian Center Director – starting part-time at $30,000 per year and as the position responsibilities grow, full-time at $85,000 per year.

Feed costs:

    1. Chickens – $2,347 per year for all chickens, or $30 per year for one chicken.
    2. Goat herd – $7,300 per year for the herd, or $174 for one goat.
    3. Sheep flock – $6,205 per year for the flock, or $353 per sheep.
    4. Cows feed – $43,800 – $65,700 per year for all cows, or $2930 – $3100 per year for one cow, or $8 per day for one cow.
    5. Salt blocks for the sheep, cows, and goats cost $350 per year.
    6. Protein tubs – $560 per year.
    7. Pastures – $50,000 per year for the first year; $20,000/year after the first year to maintain and reseed.
    8. The cost to shear the sheep – $400 per year.
    9. Vaccinations and medicines cost $1,000 per year, or $20.83 per week.
    10. Repair of the farm fence lines – $50,000.


    1. Twine Baler – $23,000.
    2. Side-pull rotary mower – $27,000.
    3. Gator CX Utility Vehicle with KT Tires – $6,700.
    4. Disk Mower (6 disks) – $14,000.
    5. Skip loader – $42,000.

In addition, the farm needs new equipment, such as tractors, trucks, etc. – $300,000. You can help by clicking on the following image to make a contribution to our beautiful farm and agricultural programs. After entering the payment information, click “Review Donation” and continue. Specify the cause of your donation in the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” box. Please be sure to specify on your donation that the funds will go to The Pierce Agriculture Endowment Fund. pierce-farm-donate-button

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